A Secret Passage!

Feathery Death
Eat my pillow, fiend!

When the party arrives at the ruins of the keep they immediately spot the a stairway between the rubble which leads down to darkness. Not wasting any time they descend into the murk. A strong smell of unwashed bodies washes over them, and at the end of the stairs the light of flickering torches can be seen. In the hall at the bottom a lone goblin stands guard. It attacks as soon as he sees the party arrive, and three of his friends rush from side rooms to assist him. The party deals with them quickly though, and moves on.

They arrive in a torture chamber, next to which is a prison area with three cells. One of the cells is occupied by a goblin which sits cowering in a corner. A goblin torturer and some of his lackeys attack the party. When the tide begins to turn for the goblins the lackeys try to hide beneath the tables that are spread around the room, but to no avail. The party simply starts hacking away at the tables to get to their enemies.

The goblin in the cell introduces himself as Splug, and the party convinces him to come with them, hoping Splug might be of some use.

Moving on the party arrives in some barracks. They rush through each room of the barracks, constantly running into a small group of goblins. Using an excellent combination of teamwork and skill they dispatch each group quickly and efficiently. In a room at the back of the barracks they stumble upon a big fat goblin lying sleeping on a bed. Hoping to be able to kill him before he wakes up, Rhogar grabs a pillow and pushes it on the fat goblins face. The goblin wakes up and starts a mighty struggle, but proves to be no match for Rhogar’s strength, and finally dies a feathery death.

The Dead Walk

After having read the letter which our heroes found in Ninaran’s nightstand they of course decide to waste no time and immediately head to Winterhaven’s graveyard to see what Ninaran is up to.

Dawn is breaking when they arrive, and in the gloomy light they see Ninaran’s slender figure standing hunched over something amid the gravestones. It appears to be some kind of magic circle. A large fence, about 10 feet high, surrounds the graveyard, and proves to be a significant obstacle for some party members. Rodja jumps over and tries to sneak up on Ninaran, unwilling to wait for his more bulky friends to finally lift their significant masses over the fence. However, as soon as he starts to approach the female elf, the ground around the gravestones bursts open and a dozen skeletons armed with swords and bows appear. From a mausoleum at the far end of the graveyard two very nasty gravehound zombies stand snarling and drooling. Ninaran turns around and looks at Rodja. He can’t really tell what she is thinking, but she looks like she is happy to finally be able to return the favor for the song Rodja sang for her by putting in arrow in his throat.

The other party members are still lingering around the fence, and Rodja finds himself surrounded by skeletons, gravehounds and a very annoyed elf. He does his best to stay alive, but is quickly taken down. When Thoradin arrives Rodja is revived, and a very, very long battle ensues. Several members of the party are taken down but they persevere and are finally rewarded with the capture of Ninaran. They interrogate her, and learn some things about Kalarel’s plans, and the correct passphrase to enter the second level of the keep. The passphrase in the letter was a false one to thwart potential intruders. When they are done with her Thoradin goes away for a walk, while Tommy does his business with Ninaran. Business which involves slicing open jugular veins. Leaving Ninaran alone to a gurgling death the party moves on to the Keep, ready to take on Kalarel.

Biting the Dust

Happy joy

After having finished their business at the kobold lair the party heads back to Winterhaven. Paelias conjures up a floating disk upon which the loot is stacked, which is a lot. The disk is barely able to hold all of the stuff.

When they enter Winterhaven something seems to be wrong, but they can’t quite tell what it is exactly. The fields surrounding Winterhaven somehow seem more empty, and the people in the streets hunch between their shoulders. Everybody seems depressed. The weather doesn’t really set a good mood either, since it is a gloomy overcast day, with a slight drizzle.

The party members are looking forward to a good meal and a rest at Wrafton’s Inn, but business goes before pleasure and the party first sells their loot in town. After that they claim their reward from Lord Padraig for clearing out the kobold lair.

Face, meet mud

When they look around the inn with tired eyes, they notice that the silent but grumpy elf is gone. A short inquiry with the innkeeper reveals that she left yesterday, but hasn’t checked out her room yet. The party members glance at each other and discuss the suspicious elf over a good meal. They decide to investigate her room, given their hunch that she has something to do with the problems that have been occurring around town. After some smooth talking with the innkeeper they get to know the location of the elf’s room. Everybody turns in early, so they can execute their plan before dawn.

Hours later, a shady figure can be seen climbing out of a window of the inn. It is pitch dark outside, thanks to a heavy layer of clouds obscuring the moon. The few guards on the walls certainly don’t notice Tommy making his way along a ledge outside of the inn. His friends stand guard on the ground, in case someone shows up anyway. The ledge is dangerously small, but Tommy is confident and slowly but surely approaches the window of Ninaran’s room. Just as he starts to reach out for the window he slips. Arms waving, he silently falls to the ground about ten feet below. A dull thud can be heard. His friends on the ground freeze for a moment, listening to hear if somebody heard Tommy fall. When nothing happens, not even a dog barking, they have a hard time stifling their laughter. Glancing around from his uncomfortable position on the ground, Tommy gives his friends some deadly stares, gets up and brushes the dust off his clothes and then grins. After some whispered debate, Rodja decides that he is going to try to reach Ninaran’s room through the same route, hoping to best Tommy in Tommy’s own field of expertise. He gets up to their own room, climbs out, moves across the ledge and reaches Ninaran’s window without even breaking a sweat. Rodja tries the window, and is surprised to find it isn’t locked. He silently climbs in and searches the room. Nothing remarkable can be found, except for a letter in the nightstand next to the simple bed.

Goblins & Gnomes
And lots of kobolds. No really, lots of 'em.


The next day the party talks to Lord Padraig about the job, which is quite simple: find and eliminate the source of the kobolds that have been pestering the roads leading to Winterhaven. He offers them 100 gold pieces as a reward. Also, they can keep whatever loot they may find in the kobold lair, which Padraig suspects is the source of all their problems. He points it out on their map.

Dead dragons

First stop: the dragon burial site. After a couple of hours walking through the hilly landscape around Winterhaven the party arrives at a large excavation site. A very large pit about ten feet deep sits in the middle of a grassy clearing in the surrounding trees. At the center of the pit lies the skeleton of a dragon surrounded by ancient runes and skulls. Near the point where the adventurers arrive stand two guard drakes, that regard the group curiously. Inside the pit are a few poor looking humans and a gnome. At the far side, on top of the ledge surrounding the pit, a halfling armed with a sling is standing.

The gnome calls out to the group, and identifies himself as Agrid. He invites the party to come down to have a better look. Some party members have the feeling something is not right, even though Agrid sounds friendly enough. Having had bad experiences with the guard drakes in the Kobold Hall they decide to waste no time and attack the creatures.

Agrid shouts in rage, barks some quick orders, and starts attacking the party with his crossbow. The guard drakes throw themselves into the fray with tooth and claw. The drakes and the humans are dealt with fairly quickly, but Agrid proves to be a bit more elusive. When he is hit by an attack he vanishes from sight, only to reappear on a completely different spot on the battlefield. When Rodja moves forward into the pit the halfling unleashes a rain of stones, that severly injure Rodja. Eventually the party manages to take down the halfling and capture the annoying gnome.

When Agrid is interrogated he reveals that he works for an individual named Kalarel, who needs some magic items for some kind of dark ritual that are supposed to be buried here with the dragon. With the aid of Douven Staul, who lies hidden under a blanket in the pit, they just found a valuable looking mirror. They search the gnome and find an Amulet of Health on him. Inside of the amulet is a portrait of Mrs. Staul.

Surprised that Douven is still alive, Rhogar moves over to the pile of blankets and finds Douven bound and gagged on the ground. He expresses his gratitude for saving him, and says that they can keep the amulet as a reward, but that he would like to keep the portrait inside. Douven has no more business here, and states that he will go back to Fallcrest after taking a short rest in Winterhaven.

Agrid realizes he has outlived his usefulness, and looks at Tommy the drow with pure dread in his eyes. Tommy grins evilly, steps forward and cuts Agrid’s throat from ear to ear with one smooth move. Ignoring Agrid’s gurgling death throes, the party discusses what do to next. They decide to immediately press on to the kobold lair.


After a short hike the party approaches a waterfall, which is visible through some trees to the south. On both sides of the waterfall are entrances to caves. They see a lot of kobolds moving about, not doing anything in particular. One kobold is standing inside some sort of magic circle, and Paelias, thanks to his arcane schooling, knows that this particular circle gives any creature that is standing inside it additional strength in combat.

They engage the kobolds immediately. Even though the kobold numbers are overwhelming, the members of the party cut through the horde as though it was soft butter. The only thing that tires them is the sheer amount of enemies they have to defeat, and the battle lasts for a while. When they finally emerge victoriously, they take a short rest to recuperate and enter the caves, which turn out to be the kobold lair.

Inside another small army of kobolds is ready to engage the motley assortment of adventurers. While cutting through the horde, a harsh, bleating horn sounds, and a tough looking kobold wyrmpriest appears, flanked by two kobold dragonshields. It also heralds the appearance of a burly, battlescarred goblin. A great tattoo depicting a skeletal ram’s head marks the goblin’s face. He wears a wolf fur cloak and a chain shirt, and he wields a battleaxe in both hands.

Thinking the wyrmpriest as the most lethal threat, Pealias and Tommy display some remarkable teamwork, and take out their foe in a few fell strikes. He doesn’t even get the chance to react. However, the large goblin, better known as Irontooth, proves to be much tougher. The dragonborn fighter engages him in melee, and with the help of his friends he manages to deal some serious damage to Irontooth.

The goblin goes into a rage, and he seems to have lost any shard of intelligence he might have possessed before. The dragonborn fighter takes a brutal beating from Irontooth’s axe, and the brave but unfortunate fighter falls to the onslaught. The other party members, suddenly alarmed, unleash their full arsenal on Irontooth. Even though he is tough, Irontooth doesn’t last forever and is eventually killed.

Irontooth had amassed a small amount of wealth through the raiding efforts of his kobold minions, and in his hoard the party finds 420 gold pieces, a Dwarven Chain Mail and a letter.

I sing a song!

On the road

After concluding their business in Fallcrest, Tommy, Thoradin, Paelias, Rodja and the dragonborn fighter decide to head for Winterhaven in search of the missing archaeologist. It takes about two days to travel to Winterhaven on foot, and the first day and a half go by uneventful. However, at the end of the second day, when the party is already close to Winterhaven, they reach a part of the road which curves around a small group of trees. All mental alarm bells start ringing and the party halts to discuss what they are going to do next.

After some debate Tommy moves ahead to scout the area. He enters the trees and moves forward as stealthily as he can. It doesn’t take long before he spots some kobolds lying in ambush behind some boulders a bit further down the road. Five are armed with spears and javelins, two somewhat tougher looking ones are armed with swords and shields, and one is armed with a sling.

Tommy signals the party to come forward, and most decide to approach through the trees to suprise the kobolds, at which they succeed. The little kobolds armed with the spears try to charge the members of the party, but are quickly taken down. The kobolds armed with the swords, Dragonshields, proof to be a bit tougher. However, again they stand no chance against the divine, arcane and martial powers the party unleashes on the unlucky ambushers. The slinger backs off while pestering them with gluepots and firepots, but he is quickly taken over and brought to a swift end.

Barely having broken a sweat, the party briskly moves on to Winterhaven.

My fair lady, allow me to sing a song

Once arrived, the group quickly heads toward Wrafton’s Inn to rest up and talk to the locals. Amongst the crowd a few people stand out: an old farmer, who introduces himself as Eilian, another elderly man who is called Valthrun and a female elf sitting quietly in a corner.

When asked about Douven Staul, Eilian says he met him a while ago, and that Douven headed off to a rumored dragon burial site south of Winterhaven. Eilian hasn’t heard from Douven since. He points the site out on the map for the party. He also tells them Lord Padraig might have a job for them regarding the kobolds the party ran into while traveling.

Some of the party members are intrigued by the quiet elf sitting in the corner, in particular Tommy and Rodja. Rodja, ever the womanizer, approaches her and tries to start a conversation, but all he gets are gruff replies and hostile glares. The message is clear, the elf wants to be left alone. However, Rodja is confident he can win her over. He scrapes his throat and starts to sing a song to her at the top of his lungs. Everybody within earshot cringes, and the elf looks like she is about to cut his throat. Once the other patrons start flinging ale mugs toward Rodja’s head he makes the wise decision to stop singing and backs off.

The elf heads out of the door with large angry strides. Still curious, Tommy decides to follow her, hoping to gain some clues about what she is up to. She heads out into the fields, shoots a rabbit and goes back to the inn, telling the proprietor, Salvana Wrafton, to prepare the rabbit for dinner the next day. The party is disappointed, and decides to turn in for the night.

Ale and whores

Knock knock

It’s fairly early in the morning, but the Lucky Gnome Taphouse in Fallcrest is already quite filled. The patrons, most of them laborers who haul cargo between the Lower and Upper Quays, are drinking and playing games of chance while waiting for the next boat to come in. The ragged men are having loud conversations and the occasional cheer or curse can be heard.

Outside of the taphouse Thrashtalking Tommy knocks on the door, much to the amusement of his fellow travelers. The sound is lost in the racket inside, and nobody comes to the door. Tommy patiently waits until his friends are finished laughing before picking up his resolve and opening the door. As soon as he sets foot inside conversations stop and all faces turn toward him. Most of them don’t look too friendly. The fact that Tommy is a drow probably doesn’t give these people a good first impression. He ignores the hostile stares, heads straight for the bar and orders a keg of ale. He is closely followed by his friends. The fact that the company consists of races that are a bit more common in Fallcrest alleviates the tension somewhat, and as soon as the order for ale is placed most people turn their attention elsewhere. Some patrons look disappointed, as if they’d been itching for a good old bar brawl.

The party tries to start a conversation with the bartender, hoping to get some information, but it seems the man isn’t the talkative type. They get a hint that the bartender, whose name is Kelson, might be running some sort of shady side business, but they are unable to get any more information from him. Frustrated, the party quickly downs their ale and leaves the premises.


The party decides to investigate the rumor about the missing archaeologist they heard last night from Teldorthan while drinking in the Blue Moon Alehouse. First stop: Douven’s wife. Her house isn’t too hard to find, but when she answers the knock on the door she is somewhat taken aback by the colorful group of people that stand on her doorstep. Thoradin manages to make her feel at ease and she invites them in for some coffee. Which, by the way, is some of the best coffee the party has ever had the pleasure of drinking. She doesn’t offer them much useful information, other than what the party already knows. Mrs. Staul is sick with worry, and she implores them to find her husband. Even if he turns out to be dead, she will at least be able to put her heart at rest. She can’t offer them any real rewards, but the party will of course have her gratitude.

Rodja wonders if they have any children, and she tells them that she has a daughter named Suzana who is probably somewhere around town. Suzana proves a bit harder to track down. After a couple of hours, thanks to the graceful way Paelias is able to get information from people on the street, the party finds her parading around in the The Market. She is a stunningly beautiful young woman, and Rodja has to take a deep breath to regain his usual cool demeanor before approaching her. He talks to her, and while she doesn’t offer any useful information about her father, Rodja does find out Suzana’s way of making a living is providing…services. She winks suggestively when the party leaves.


Various members of the party have some shopping to do, and Paelias decides to pay the local wizard a visit, in search for some arcane components he can use for rituals. While inside the Septarch’s Tower, the domain of Nimozaran the Green, Paelias notices a large circle on the ground which is composed of a string of strange symbols. He recognizes it as a teleportation circle. Might come in handy later.

Kobold heads

The party decides to pay the Lord Warden of Fallcrest a visit, hoping to get more information about the troubles in Winterhaven. The guard at the Moonstone Keep isn’t willing to let them pass at first, but they manage to smooth-talk themselves inside. Lord Warden Faren Markelhay is a balding middle-aged man who seems to be rather busy, but he is willing to talk to the adventurers. Faren mentions something about the troubles he’s been having lately with the kobolds from the Kobold Hall, and wonders if the party would be willing to investigate. He is surprised the party didn’t see the various announcements hanging in town, offering a reward of 100gp for dealing with the problem, and an additional 10gp per kobold head. Since the party has already cleared the Kobold Hall and know there was a white dragon lurking in there they try to get Faren to give them a higher reward. He says he can’t do that, unless there is a significant unknown threat in there of which they can bring back proof. He will then add an additional 50gp to the reward. The adventurers agree.

They head back to the Kobold Hall to collect the kobold heads and cut off the head of Szartharrax, the white dragon. Easy money. Back in town they attract a lot of attention because of their grisly cargo. Faren Markelhay is having dinner when they come to visit him and he gladly pays them their reward, especially after learning there was a white dragon commanding those pesky little kobolds.

Retrieve the dragon hide - Part 2
Here be dragons


After having cleared out the tomb area and a short rest the heroes remember who and what they really are. Their figures transform into their true identities.

The half-elf cleric’s body becomes shorter and more rotund, his features turning into that of a dwarf cleric. He claims his name is Thoradin the Mighty.

The dragonborn paladin becomes a bit shorter and less broad, his scales are replaced by skin, and his head looks like the head of a human. All equipment is replaced by the stuff only a ranger would carry. He calls himself Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, but friends may call him Rodja.

The human wizard’s ears grow pointy and his body becomes more slender. Most people would say his features resemble that of an eladrin. He remembers that most people know him by the name of Paelias.

The halfling rogue grows to about twice his length, his skin color turns black and his hair white. The former friendly looking halfling now emanates a somewhat evil aura, as befitting for a drow. His name is Thrashtalking Tommy.

Out of nowhere a burly dragonborn fighter pops up, wearing heavy armor and equipped with a shield and a sword.


The heroes enter another tomb with four coffins. In the middle is a pit about ten feet deep filled with green sludge. At the end of the room is a ledge about ten feet high, with a closed door in the middle. On top of it stand four kobolds, two of them armed with slings, the other two armed with spears and javelins. The two kobolds with the spears throw a stone tied to a rope on the ceiling around the room, trying to hit the piles of skulls on top of the coffins.

The wizard, rogue and ranger linger at the back of the room, trying to take out the kobolds with ranged attacks. The fighter and Thoradin move forward. As they come into range Thoradin is immediately hit by the stone and knocked back. The fighter manages to reach the wall and stays out of reach.

As the kobolds fall to the ranged attacks of the party in the back the fighter climbs the wall and sees there are more kobolds and two guard drakes hiding behind the walls. The kobolds prove no match for his onslaught, but the drakes manage to injure him severely. He retreats, climbing down the wall again.

In the meantime the other party members tried to bash down the door, but didn’t succeed.

The drakes quickly follow the fighter and deal massive damage, taking him down. Thoradin tries to assist him but is also taken down. The remaining three party members keep their distance and finally manage to eliminate the threat. They revive their friends and explore the room. At the top of the ledge they find one hundred gold pieces, a ruby and two garnets.

The Big Boss

As the party enters the next room they see a wall about ten foot tall that leaves passages open to both the right and left.

Suddenly, the sound of cracking timbers echoes through the hall. The floor shakes, dust falls down from the ceiling, and something big and heavy cascades toward the heroes. It appears a trap has been triggered and a large stone starts rolling around the chamber.

Standing on top of the wall are two kobolds armed with slings that attack the party, but those are quickly dealt with. However, one of them manages to glue the dragonborn fighter to the floor in the path of the stone with a sticky shot. This causes a slight panic, but luckily the fighter manages to break free before the stone can crush him.

At the back of the room, on top of a platform, stand two kobolds armed with shields and short swords and a kobold that looks like a priest of some sort. He murmurs some obscure incantation. This incites some faith in his allies, strengthening their resolve. After that he unleashes his powers on the encroaching party, that try their best to stay out of the way of the large boulder. Thoradin climbs the wall in the middle of the chamber and starts unleashing divine fury upon the kobolds. Paelias simply teleports next to the cleric and does the same with his arcane powers. Once again, even with the powers of the kobold priest, the enemies prove no match for the heroes and are eliminated after some time.

On the body of the priest they find a Staff of the Warmage, which the eladrin wizard eagerly takes up to replace his own mundane quarterstaff. The kobold also has a small silver key and a piece of parchment that describes the location of a secret door that can be opened with the key.

The True Threat

Well, not really

As they open the door the party enters a large cave which is freezing cold. Tommy stealthily moves forward and peeks around a corner. Thanks to his keen senses he spots a young white dragon hiding behind a large natural pillar, waiting for the adventurers to appear so he can slaughter them. In the middle of the cave is a large pool which is completely frozen. Due to the fact that the party is already aware of the lurking dragon they have a significant advantage. They decide on tactics and enter the cave. The dragon tries to surprise them, but utterly fails. It reacts way too late and the party completely slaughters it. The dragon only manages to make a few hits with its claws and breath weapon.

While exploring the cave the party finds a chest which contains a Lifedrinker Longsword, one hundred gold pieces and a pearl. Also in the chest is a letter from someone named Irontooth, offering an alliance to the dragon, that apparently goes by the name Szartharrax.


Back in Fallcrest the party decides to celebrate their new found dragon slayer status by hoisting a tankard or ten of the finest ale they can find.

They head to the Blue Moon Alehouse, where, coincidentally, Teldorthan is having his own drinking spree. Glad to see the adventurers alive he offers them a round of ale. However, some of the party members want to conduct business before indulging themselves and they ask about their reward. Upon showing him the dragon hide he has asked them to retrieve he grins broadly and puts a large leather pouch that makes jingly sounds on the ale stained table.

‘It’s all there, two hundred gold coins, count ‘em if you don’t believe me.’

Since some of the party members don’t trust the good natured dwarf they do so, but the pouch really contains the promised amount of gold. When asked about a good place to spend the night he tells the party to go to the Silver Unicorn Inn and tell the owner, Wisara Osterman, that Teldorthan sent them. He promises them to cover any expenses made, and will make sure they get the best rooms.

Because Winterhaven is mentioned in the letter the party found in Szartharrax’ lair they ask Teldorthan about it, but he claims he knows nothing about the Winterhaven area, though he has heard some rumors that there is some trouble brewing in the region. He advices the party to talk to Faren Markelhay, the lord of Fallcrest, if they want to know more.

He has also heard rumors about a missing archaeologist named Douven Staul. Apparently Douven headed off to Winterhaven to dig up a dragon burial site, but the people in Fallcrest haven’t heard from him in three months. Teldorthan thinks Douven’s wife, who lives in Fallcrest, might know more.

Retrieve the dragon hide - Part 1
I hate those smurfs!

Outside the Kobold Hall

Four intrepid heroes find themselves in front of a derelict keep. Having no idea who they are or what they are doing here they are only capable of muttering to themselves, hoping this sudden bout of amnesia will soon pass.

After some divine intervention the party suddenly remembers they were hired by a dwarf in Fallcrest that goes by the name Teldorthan Ironhews. He has asked them to retrieve a valuable green dragon hide, which has gone missing a few days ago when a trade caravan on its way from Winterhaven was raided by kobolds. Teldorthan suspects they have set up their base in an old keep in the region. Unfortunately the party still can’t remember who they are.

The Sludge Pit

After some poking around in the ruins they find an entrance, which leads to the catacombs beneath the keep. The dragonborn paladin goes first, sees a little kobold standing on the other side of a pit filled with green sludge, and is promptly glued to the floor thanks to a sticky bullet fired by the kobold. The halfling rogue moves forward to engage, while the human wizard fires some magic missiles at the creature. Unfortunately the missiles only hit the wall, and the kobold dances about, taunting the stupefied mage. The rogue moves ever forward, trying to sneak up on the foulmouthed foe. He spots some more kobolds behind an iron portcullis but chooses to ignore them. Unfortunately even more kobolds, armed with spears, emerge from a chamber behind the kobold with the sling and our brave halfling finds himself in a tight spot. The half-elf cleric decides this is his moment to shine and moves forward. With a mighty blow of his mace he smacks one of the spear-wielding kobolds on the head. Needless to say it succumbs to major head trauma. The paladin is still stuck in the same spot, but is throwing javelins, some of which actually hit their intended targets. The wizard keeps firing magic missiles at the walls. The situation for the rogue is dire, until he sees an opportunity and shoves one of his assailants into the pit with the green sludge, effectively disabling his foe.

Meanwhile, the two kobolds behind the portcullis decided to jump into the fray and help their buddies. The wizard reacts and casts another one of his spells. Everybody holds their breath. Will it hit? To everybody’s amazement, hero and foe alike, it does. The unfortunate target of the spell disintegrates in a fiery burst of arcane energy.

The tide has changed. When the paladin finally manages to break himself free the remaining kobolds stand no chance and are quickly and efficiently eliminated.

The Tomb

The rogue stealthily moves forward to explore the next room. He sees three more kobolds in a large room with some suits of armor in niches and four coffins in the middle. At the back of the room stands an altar with the symbol of Tiamat. He moves forward, but the kobolds spot him. They run forward but stay out of reach, while the rest of the heroes enter the room. The kobolds slowly walk back and throw insult after insult at the heroes. The party has the feeling there’s something fishy going on here and stoically endure the verbal barrage, not allowing themselves to be lured into melee combat. Instead they engage their enemies with ranged attacks.

The wizard keeps on missing with his spells, to the amusement of his friends. They dub the frustrated mage ‘Gargamel’, after the balding sorcerer whose single goal in life is the capture of all those damned little smurfs and then cooking them in a big pot.

The paladin finally decides to move forward. He steps on a stone that seems slightly different from the other ones in the room. Due to his weight the stone sinks a bit, and he hears a click. Suddenly, though not completely unexpected, he is hit by a dart fired from one of the armors at the side of the room. The dart barely hurts the heavily armored dragonborn. He moves forward and smites one of the kobolds with his sword. It seems to glow with divine radiance.

The party’s morale is bolstered by the paladin’s bold attack, and the remaining two kobolds are quickly eliminated. To his relief the wizard actually manages to let one of his spells strike the intended target.

The cleric, who is convinced his deity will protect him from harm, investigates one of the armors. He promptly triggers the trap and a dart hits him in the face. With a little less faith and a lot more pain he wisely leaves the rest of the trap-disabling routine to the nimble rogue. At the altar they find a small bag with sixty gold pieces in it.


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