A Secret Passage!

Retrieve the dragon hide - Part 1

I hate those smurfs!

Outside the Kobold Hall

Four intrepid heroes find themselves in front of a derelict keep. Having no idea who they are or what they are doing here they are only capable of muttering to themselves, hoping this sudden bout of amnesia will soon pass.

After some divine intervention the party suddenly remembers they were hired by a dwarf in Fallcrest that goes by the name Teldorthan Ironhews. He has asked them to retrieve a valuable green dragon hide, which has gone missing a few days ago when a trade caravan on its way from Winterhaven was raided by kobolds. Teldorthan suspects they have set up their base in an old keep in the region. Unfortunately the party still can’t remember who they are.

The Sludge Pit

After some poking around in the ruins they find an entrance, which leads to the catacombs beneath the keep. The dragonborn paladin goes first, sees a little kobold standing on the other side of a pit filled with green sludge, and is promptly glued to the floor thanks to a sticky bullet fired by the kobold. The halfling rogue moves forward to engage, while the human wizard fires some magic missiles at the creature. Unfortunately the missiles only hit the wall, and the kobold dances about, taunting the stupefied mage. The rogue moves ever forward, trying to sneak up on the foulmouthed foe. He spots some more kobolds behind an iron portcullis but chooses to ignore them. Unfortunately even more kobolds, armed with spears, emerge from a chamber behind the kobold with the sling and our brave halfling finds himself in a tight spot. The half-elf cleric decides this is his moment to shine and moves forward. With a mighty blow of his mace he smacks one of the spear-wielding kobolds on the head. Needless to say it succumbs to major head trauma. The paladin is still stuck in the same spot, but is throwing javelins, some of which actually hit their intended targets. The wizard keeps firing magic missiles at the walls. The situation for the rogue is dire, until he sees an opportunity and shoves one of his assailants into the pit with the green sludge, effectively disabling his foe.

Meanwhile, the two kobolds behind the portcullis decided to jump into the fray and help their buddies. The wizard reacts and casts another one of his spells. Everybody holds their breath. Will it hit? To everybody’s amazement, hero and foe alike, it does. The unfortunate target of the spell disintegrates in a fiery burst of arcane energy.

The tide has changed. When the paladin finally manages to break himself free the remaining kobolds stand no chance and are quickly and efficiently eliminated.

The Tomb

The rogue stealthily moves forward to explore the next room. He sees three more kobolds in a large room with some suits of armor in niches and four coffins in the middle. At the back of the room stands an altar with the symbol of Tiamat. He moves forward, but the kobolds spot him. They run forward but stay out of reach, while the rest of the heroes enter the room. The kobolds slowly walk back and throw insult after insult at the heroes. The party has the feeling there’s something fishy going on here and stoically endure the verbal barrage, not allowing themselves to be lured into melee combat. Instead they engage their enemies with ranged attacks.

The wizard keeps on missing with his spells, to the amusement of his friends. They dub the frustrated mage ‘Gargamel’, after the balding sorcerer whose single goal in life is the capture of all those damned little smurfs and then cooking them in a big pot.

The paladin finally decides to move forward. He steps on a stone that seems slightly different from the other ones in the room. Due to his weight the stone sinks a bit, and he hears a click. Suddenly, though not completely unexpected, he is hit by a dart fired from one of the armors at the side of the room. The dart barely hurts the heavily armored dragonborn. He moves forward and smites one of the kobolds with his sword. It seems to glow with divine radiance.

The party’s morale is bolstered by the paladin’s bold attack, and the remaining two kobolds are quickly eliminated. To his relief the wizard actually manages to let one of his spells strike the intended target.

The cleric, who is convinced his deity will protect him from harm, investigates one of the armors. He promptly triggers the trap and a dart hits him in the face. With a little less faith and a lot more pain he wisely leaves the rest of the trap-disabling routine to the nimble rogue. At the altar they find a small bag with sixty gold pieces in it.


I’ll drink to that! When do we get to push around the locals? Can’t wait..!

Retrieve the dragon hide - Part 1

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