We are a group of long-time gamers, both digital and unplugged. A couple of years ago, when Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn hit the stores the GM of this campaign bought the retail package which included a short tabletop introduction adventure for D&D. After playing it with some friends everybody was hooked, and one decided to buy the brand new D&D 3th edition core rulebook set. Another member of the group acted as GM and we started adventuring in an epic campaign.

Now years later, long after the campaign ended, D&D 4th edition was published, and the current GM decided this was the right moment to bring back those gaming Sundays of epic adventuring and monster slaying. Since none of us have the time nor inclination to create their own expansive fantasy world this campaign will take place in the setting provided in the back of the Dungeon Master’s Guide: the Nentir Vale. Starting out in Fallcrest the idea is to create a campaign based on the adventures published by Wizards of the Coast, beginning with the Kobold Hall and Keep on the Shadowfell of course. This should provide us with enough material to run a campaign for months to come.

A Secret Passage!

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