A Secret Passage!


I sing a song!

On the road

After concluding their business in Fallcrest, Tommy, Thoradin, Paelias, Rodja and the dragonborn fighter decide to head for Winterhaven in search of the missing archaeologist. It takes about two days to travel to Winterhaven on foot, and the first day and a half go by uneventful. However, at the end of the second day, when the party is already close to Winterhaven, they reach a part of the road which curves around a small group of trees. All mental alarm bells start ringing and the party halts to discuss what they are going to do next.

After some debate Tommy moves ahead to scout the area. He enters the trees and moves forward as stealthily as he can. It doesn’t take long before he spots some kobolds lying in ambush behind some boulders a bit further down the road. Five are armed with spears and javelins, two somewhat tougher looking ones are armed with swords and shields, and one is armed with a sling.

Tommy signals the party to come forward, and most decide to approach through the trees to suprise the kobolds, at which they succeed. The little kobolds armed with the spears try to charge the members of the party, but are quickly taken down. The kobolds armed with the swords, Dragonshields, proof to be a bit tougher. However, again they stand no chance against the divine, arcane and martial powers the party unleashes on the unlucky ambushers. The slinger backs off while pestering them with gluepots and firepots, but he is quickly taken over and brought to a swift end.

Barely having broken a sweat, the party briskly moves on to Winterhaven.

My fair lady, allow me to sing a song

Once arrived, the group quickly heads toward Wrafton’s Inn to rest up and talk to the locals. Amongst the crowd a few people stand out: an old farmer, who introduces himself as Eilian, another elderly man who is called Valthrun and a female elf sitting quietly in a corner.

When asked about Douven Staul, Eilian says he met him a while ago, and that Douven headed off to a rumored dragon burial site south of Winterhaven. Eilian hasn’t heard from Douven since. He points the site out on the map for the party. He also tells them Lord Padraig might have a job for them regarding the kobolds the party ran into while traveling.

Some of the party members are intrigued by the quiet elf sitting in the corner, in particular Tommy and Rodja. Rodja, ever the womanizer, approaches her and tries to start a conversation, but all he gets are gruff replies and hostile glares. The message is clear, the elf wants to be left alone. However, Rodja is confident he can win her over. He scrapes his throat and starts to sing a song to her at the top of his lungs. Everybody within earshot cringes, and the elf looks like she is about to cut his throat. Once the other patrons start flinging ale mugs toward Rodja’s head he makes the wise decision to stop singing and backs off.

The elf heads out of the door with large angry strides. Still curious, Tommy decides to follow her, hoping to gain some clues about what she is up to. She heads out into the fields, shoots a rabbit and goes back to the inn, telling the proprietor, Salvana Wrafton, to prepare the rabbit for dinner the next day. The party is disappointed, and decides to turn in for the night.



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