A Secret Passage!

Biting the Dust

Happy joy

After having finished their business at the kobold lair the party heads back to Winterhaven. Paelias conjures up a floating disk upon which the loot is stacked, which is a lot. The disk is barely able to hold all of the stuff.

When they enter Winterhaven something seems to be wrong, but they can’t quite tell what it is exactly. The fields surrounding Winterhaven somehow seem more empty, and the people in the streets hunch between their shoulders. Everybody seems depressed. The weather doesn’t really set a good mood either, since it is a gloomy overcast day, with a slight drizzle.

The party members are looking forward to a good meal and a rest at Wrafton’s Inn, but business goes before pleasure and the party first sells their loot in town. After that they claim their reward from Lord Padraig for clearing out the kobold lair.

Face, meet mud

When they look around the inn with tired eyes, they notice that the silent but grumpy elf is gone. A short inquiry with the innkeeper reveals that she left yesterday, but hasn’t checked out her room yet. The party members glance at each other and discuss the suspicious elf over a good meal. They decide to investigate her room, given their hunch that she has something to do with the problems that have been occurring around town. After some smooth talking with the innkeeper they get to know the location of the elf’s room. Everybody turns in early, so they can execute their plan before dawn.

Hours later, a shady figure can be seen climbing out of a window of the inn. It is pitch dark outside, thanks to a heavy layer of clouds obscuring the moon. The few guards on the walls certainly don’t notice Tommy making his way along a ledge outside of the inn. His friends stand guard on the ground, in case someone shows up anyway. The ledge is dangerously small, but Tommy is confident and slowly but surely approaches the window of Ninaran’s room. Just as he starts to reach out for the window he slips. Arms waving, he silently falls to the ground about ten feet below. A dull thud can be heard. His friends on the ground freeze for a moment, listening to hear if somebody heard Tommy fall. When nothing happens, not even a dog barking, they have a hard time stifling their laughter. Glancing around from his uncomfortable position on the ground, Tommy gives his friends some deadly stares, gets up and brushes the dust off his clothes and then grins. After some whispered debate, Rodja decides that he is going to try to reach Ninaran’s room through the same route, hoping to best Tommy in Tommy’s own field of expertise. He gets up to their own room, climbs out, moves across the ledge and reaches Ninaran’s window without even breaking a sweat. Rodja tries the window, and is surprised to find it isn’t locked. He silently climbs in and searches the room. Nothing remarkable can be found, except for a letter in the nightstand next to the simple bed.



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