A Secret Passage!

Feathery Death

Eat my pillow, fiend!

When the party arrives at the ruins of the keep they immediately spot the a stairway between the rubble which leads down to darkness. Not wasting any time they descend into the murk. A strong smell of unwashed bodies washes over them, and at the end of the stairs the light of flickering torches can be seen. In the hall at the bottom a lone goblin stands guard. It attacks as soon as he sees the party arrive, and three of his friends rush from side rooms to assist him. The party deals with them quickly though, and moves on.

They arrive in a torture chamber, next to which is a prison area with three cells. One of the cells is occupied by a goblin which sits cowering in a corner. A goblin torturer and some of his lackeys attack the party. When the tide begins to turn for the goblins the lackeys try to hide beneath the tables that are spread around the room, but to no avail. The party simply starts hacking away at the tables to get to their enemies.

The goblin in the cell introduces himself as Splug, and the party convinces him to come with them, hoping Splug might be of some use.

Moving on the party arrives in some barracks. They rush through each room of the barracks, constantly running into a small group of goblins. Using an excellent combination of teamwork and skill they dispatch each group quickly and efficiently. In a room at the back of the barracks they stumble upon a big fat goblin lying sleeping on a bed. Hoping to be able to kill him before he wakes up, Rhogar grabs a pillow and pushes it on the fat goblins face. The goblin wakes up and starts a mighty struggle, but proves to be no match for Rhogar’s strength, and finally dies a feathery death.



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