A Secret Passage!

The Dead Walk

After having read the letter which our heroes found in Ninaran’s nightstand they of course decide to waste no time and immediately head to Winterhaven’s graveyard to see what Ninaran is up to.

Dawn is breaking when they arrive, and in the gloomy light they see Ninaran’s slender figure standing hunched over something amid the gravestones. It appears to be some kind of magic circle. A large fence, about 10 feet high, surrounds the graveyard, and proves to be a significant obstacle for some party members. Rodja jumps over and tries to sneak up on Ninaran, unwilling to wait for his more bulky friends to finally lift their significant masses over the fence. However, as soon as he starts to approach the female elf, the ground around the gravestones bursts open and a dozen skeletons armed with swords and bows appear. From a mausoleum at the far end of the graveyard two very nasty gravehound zombies stand snarling and drooling. Ninaran turns around and looks at Rodja. He can’t really tell what she is thinking, but she looks like she is happy to finally be able to return the favor for the song Rodja sang for her by putting in arrow in his throat.

The other party members are still lingering around the fence, and Rodja finds himself surrounded by skeletons, gravehounds and a very annoyed elf. He does his best to stay alive, but is quickly taken down. When Thoradin arrives Rodja is revived, and a very, very long battle ensues. Several members of the party are taken down but they persevere and are finally rewarded with the capture of Ninaran. They interrogate her, and learn some things about Kalarel’s plans, and the correct passphrase to enter the second level of the keep. The passphrase in the letter was a false one to thwart potential intruders. When they are done with her Thoradin goes away for a walk, while Tommy does his business with Ninaran. Business which involves slicing open jugular veins. Leaving Ninaran alone to a gurgling death the party moves on to the Keep, ready to take on Kalarel.



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